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Data Analysis

In buildings and plants a lot of energy saving potential is waiting to be tapped. Unfortunately, the evidence it not obvious, but hidden in various data sets. An analysis tool is needed to identify this evidence and to verify the potential through evaluation of the data according to different criteria.  

  1. We import your data from all sources available
  2. We make your consumption data plausible
  3. We compare your data against physical factors, such as temperature and humidity
  4. We compare your consumption over different time periods
  5. We recognize unusual consumption patterns and spikes
  6. We verify logical and physical relationships between your individual points of consumption
  7. We calculate significant and process-specific  key figures

With our innovative methods we identify your savings potentials within no time – challenge us!




Your benefit:
Identify your cost drivers
Determine the payback period of investments
Identify the weak spots in your processes