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Data Collection and Communication Concepts

Effective energy management systems have to be based on reliable energy consumption data, important sensor data such as temperature, pressure, humidity etc.

daten erfassung

Besides the quality of the data collected, the costs for collecting, processing and long-term storing are in the foreground. Our goal is to provide you with the data at reasonable costs, ensuring that the return-on-investment is around one year. Only in such a way investments can nowadays be justified.

  As part of our innovative concepts we try to include all possibilities for data acqui-sition. Our aim is to reduce the costs for new meters, data loggers, communication hardware and wiring to a minimum.  Your investments should be directed at reducing energy costs and not at new measurement hardware.

We would be pleased to advise you on how you can profit from our innovative energy management system by incorporating your various data sources.

Your benefit:
Cost-efficient collection of all meters
Zero or very low investment in new measuring technology
Integration of existing building and process control
Integration of already installed data loggers of other manufacturers