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Energy Management

Data Connector

Your benefit:

Transfer of data from any source

Centralize all energy-related data in one place

Management of any number of data sources by scalability

The data connector is an innovative software solution that receives meter-, consumption-, sensor- and process-data from various sources in different formats in such a way that it can be stored in the energy data server. The data supplied at different times is monitored concerning their integrity and plausibility, and are then transformed into structures suitable for future processing. The data are then transferred to the Energy-Data-Server for long-term storage.
This allows us to collect data from any existing meter structure and to integrate all available data sources including building management systems and meters reading from utility companies.

Further, the Data-Connector reduces the server load, allowing the server to be used for data analysis. In large systems numerous Data-Connectors can operate alongside even on different computers. Thereby, the system is highly scalable.

In high-security surroundings, the Data-Connector can operate outside the network and thereby uncouple meters, sensors and data loggers from the network. In this case only one single secured connection is needed in order to transfer the data to the server.

By using this technology we certainly adhere to your specific security needs.

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