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Intelligent Data-Logger


The backbone of any energy management system consists in high quality and auditable measuring data. All relevant data have to be gathered, analyzed and interpreted quickly. Often, control systems, counters and sensors from different manufacturers with different interfaces and protocols are installed. Until now, it was almost impossible and if so only with major efforts to sort out the relevant data from this inhomogeneous, grown environment.

Die WiriBox® is designed for collecting, processing, verifying and transferring energy data, even within inhomogeneous sensor and meter structures. To this aim, it is equipped with various interfaces (RS-485, RS-232, M-Bus, Modbus, USB, LAN, etc.) and supports all important protocols for collecting meter and sensor data. The basis is a powerful, out-of-the-box Linux operating system. All functions are implemented within the software, so they can be extended, altered and updated remotely.  

Through the use of standard IT components and basic software the WiriBox can be integrated in any IT system and complies with all IT safety requirements.
The number of meters and sensors connected is only limited b the performance of the CPU and not by the number of interfaces or ports.

To cater for various installation environments, two distinct WiriBox models have been designed:

  • the WiriBox®Office as solution for areas where normal IT hardware can be installed
  • the WiriBox® Industry for use in harsh industrial environments

Your benefit:

Economic way to read meters

Use in different situations through selectable design

Easy integration into existing IT nets

Transparent access to connected devices

WiriBox® Office

WiriBox® Industry
WiriBox Industry
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