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Energa Management

The Energy-Data-Server

Your benefit:

All consumption data and key figures always at hand

Data integrity through extensive user rights administration
No installation on the clients – access via standard browser
Absolute auditing acceptability through storing of original values

The Energy-Data-Server is the central database for all data-points and calculated data set. The database combines all data independently of their individual source or the meansby which they were collected.

The aim is to prepare the data in such a way, that many users can simultaneously access and evaluate the data online. The individual users and data sets can be protected by using access rights and clients. The data is accessed via the Internet / Intranet. Further installations on the clients are not necessary. The Energy-Data-Server must contain reliable data. Measured values are expected to be continuous series without gaps.

Whenever necessary, specialized algorithms can create continuous series by calculating substitute values. Averages, minimum- and maximum values can be calculated for sensor values.

The original data is always stored unmodified and the quality of each value is defined. This technique ensures auditing acceptability and prevents wrong conclusions from being drawn during the subsequent analyses.

The Energy-Data-Server is designed in a way that allows for large amounts of data and short response times even with many simultaneous users. It uses an Oracle® or Microsoft® SQL server database, ensuring the security of a professional system.

The established tools provided by the database manufacturers are used for backups and system tuning.

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