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Energy KPI

The absolute energy consumption does not reveal anything about the efficiency of use. Only when the energy con-sumption is set in relation to the terms and conditions of use, a meaningful index is obtained: the so-called energy KPI. Nowadays, in the simplest case, the energy consumption is related to a surface. When comparing similar buildings with more or less the same equipment, surely a first statement about the efficiency can be made. Most energy benchmarks and the most common methods of certification proceed on this.

For statements on the performance of processes or equipment, a surface related energy parameter  is not suit-able. For this purpose, key figures must be based on process parameters such as production quantity and operating hours.

Through the innovative computation methods of WiriTec most varying parameters can be set in a mathematical context. This way, you can generate the significant energy KPI you need. By combining production datasets with consumption data and the energy mix it is possible to automatically calculate the CO2 parameter.

Naturally, with our solutions any EMAS III core indicators, such as efficiency of material used or emissions can be computed. Interfaces to production, ERP or CAFM systems automatically deliver the necessary reference data for significant key figures and, thus, facilitate data management.



Your benefit:
Simple plausibility of energy consumption
Any key figures at a click
Consideration of all reference parameters
Export of key figures into energy reports