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Energy-Performance-Controlling is the continuous monito- ring of installations, machinery and buildings to keep up the necessary functions and to reach the production goals by using a minimum of energy and resources. Prerequisite is the absolute transparency of consumption and the clear time and action related allocation to the consumer, user and processes.

The direct coherence of consumption of energy and resources with the processes and boundary conditions is essential. Only knowing these factors a plausibility of consumption can be deduced. Parallel to the consumption data we keep the decisive process parameters and the boundary conditions (mostly sensor values) up to date.

In the simplest case, the evaluations can be done manually on the basis of significant charts. For a major dataset volume or more complex connections, which cannot be recognized immediately, our automatic monitoring functions can be used which analyse the data continuously by means of functions.

When recognizing distinctive features, the report system releases and informs the responsible person.


The WiriTec energy data management system provides the necessary data base. For displaying the logical connections, the integrated functions are ideally suited.

Your benefit:
Verify your energy consumption
Calculate the economy of
energy saving measures
Avoid costly false investments

Recognize your saving potentials