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The Lifecycle-Management is concerned with the useful life of a construction component in terms of costs and efficiency as well as aging and fault liability. It is mainly an optimisation process focusing on economic and cost effectiveness. Since the costs for energy and resources have increase sharply over the last number of years, they must not be disregarded in such an analysis.

Especially in the field of HVAC, energy takes by far the largest share in the overall costs. Therefore, not only deterioration and fault liability, but also poor energy efficiency are reasons for replacing construction components.

Since it contains all the energy consumption and sensor data over long periods of time, the energy management system is a vital data source for the lifecycle management.




lifecycle management

The continuous monitoring of these data can supply vital hints when it comes to imminent malfunctions or general wear and tear. Especially compared to the manual condition assessment based on examination every now and then, the continuous monitoring is a perfect early warning system.

Since the basic software of speedikon FM and WiriTec is identical, the integration of the Energy Management into the Lifecycle-Management is ensured.