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Message-Management 4.0

In the complex environment of modern production facilities a large number of alerts, warnings and other operating notifications may occur, which sometimes have to be interpreted and analyzed immediately.


In many cases an individual source for those notifications does not exist, but rather a number of various different technical installations, control technologies or other supervising systems. Further, these systems are usually by different manufacturers and use individual, often proprietary protocols for message transmission and administration. This means that the staff involved needs to use and keep an eye on various messaging systems. The ongoing developments in the field of the industry 4.0 (internet of things) are very likely to intensify this situation as more and more equipment will be communicating and sending out messages and notifications.

The Message-Management System developed by WiriTec is capable of easing this Babylonian confusion by centrally collecting and analyzing the messages from the various different sources.


In order to integrate the various data sources, the system is equipped with a high level of flexibility in terms of field-, bus-system, and of course IT-interfaces. Thereby all commercially available installations and control systems as well as existing ticketing or messaging systems can be integrated. Even analog operating notifications may be collected, interpreted and entered into the system using the WiriBox® .

A large variety of filters and preprocessing methods can be configured ensuring that even the largest number of incoming notifications can be handled. According configurations can for example filter sequential notifications for already existing and known problems. This method automatically reduces the number of messages while ensuring that only the relevant and important notification are relayed to the staff or process in charge. Of course all original messages are kept for later processing or analyses.

In the medium term, the kind and of course the number of messages and operating notifications will yield valid information about the condition of an installation. In many organization such a professional message-management is the basis for further follow-up processes. Such a process is for example the so called condition-monitoring that ensures a certain level of security as well as equipment efficiency. Another example for is the event-driven maintenance.
For supporting these specialized and often very customer-specific processes, we work hand in hand with our sister company speedikon FM AG, that has years of practical experiences in those areas.