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Mobile Solutions

Since the use of smartphones and tablet PCs has become increasingly popular over the last number of years, energy consumption charts as well as meter reading and controlling processes need to be made available for those devices

We have provided for those needs and have developed specialised solutions that allow for a mobile energy management. With these solutions the user can access and work with energy data while on the move.

The consistent implementation as a web application already guarantees for the compatibility with tablet PCs. For improved usability the different dialogues need to be adjusted to the size and resolution of the display. It does not make any difference any longer whether the browser is installed on a tablet PC or a desktop PC.

Further, the mobile device does not necessarily be online at all time. All the data necessary for the process are downloaded and further edited offline. Once the connection to the server is re-established, the edited data is updated on the server. If in the meantime changes have been made to the data stored on the server hindering an update, the system will automatically detect it and inform the user.

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All the energy-management applications can be executed using normal smartphone or tablet PC internet browsers. Though, the displays of these mobile devices are usually too small to allow for comfortable working environments. To encounter these challenges we also develop specialised apps. These apps keep the process very slim and are designed for touch-pad use. Further - especially in the case of manual meter reading processes – we also utilise the modern identification methods supported by the mobile devices such as QR codes or near field communication.

Again, the constant server connection is also not necessary using the apps. Either the offline-working method described above is used or alternatively, if the mobile device cannot access the server due to security issues, the data exchange can be carried out using specialised email procedures.