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Operating Control

All the important data from the controlling, maintenance and failure management are combined within the control system. Basis for this being the complete technical asset portfolio with its relevant static and operating data.

Since the technical installations and also the detailed processes differ from company to company, the system is customized according the customer’s individual needs.

The energy management continuously collects all the consumption and sensor data as well as the malfunction messages and displays them to provide an up-to-date status of all the installations. Further all the data is securely stored to allow for future analyses.

Typically malfunction reports trigger maintenance measures. In many cases they can replace the defined maintenance intervals. This event-based maintenance will be preferred in the future since it offers a number of advantages.


Wear and tear as well as malfunctions usually cause either an increased energy consumption or a decrease in the degree of efficiency. Therefore the continuous monitoring of the important operating parameters allows for conclusions concerning the state of the equipment. Maintenance measures may be triggered at an early stage before subsequent damages occur or energy is wasted over a long period of time.

In some cases, when all operating parameters are within their range, wear parts might not need to be replaced or the maintenance intervals might be prolonged. speedikon Maintenance is completely integrated into the WiriTec System and supports all the important state-of-the-art maintenance processes.