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Energy Management

Profile Monitoring

Your benefit:

Deficient consumption is immediately recognized

Automatic information of the persons in charge

Automatic monitoring of even large amounts of data

Avoid costly leakage

Monitoring energy and resource consumption is one of the main tasks of the energy  data management. Our strategy assumes that this is done automatically. The person in charge cannot be expected to regularly monitor a large number of data sets manually. The monitoring methods used within our system are very intelligent and can be customized in such a way that misinterpretations are minimized. In the simplest case, the system checks whether the incoming values exceed or fall below the set profile. For more complex analyses, the datasets can be converted and monitored using algorithms that are easy to implement. In these calculations the values of different data sets can be considered.

All analyses can be done either on the WiriBox® in real-time and directly at the meter, or just before the data is transferred to the Energy-Data-Server.

The system automatically notifies you about any profile violations. In this case reports are entered into an integrated help-desk system and are made available to the persons in charge for further review and analyses. In addition, text messages or emails can be sent immediately for specific types of notifications. The main advantage of this system is that no report can go missing or remains unnoticed.

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