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WiriTec offers a variety of services related to your energy management projects, ranging from recording and analysis of existing data to adequate measurement concepts and permanent monitoring solutions for consumption and complex scenarios. Our services and the individual project approach comply with the requirements of ISO 50.001.

Actual State analysis

Within the framework of the actual state analysis, we import your energy data into our energy analysis tool. With versatile analysis methods we can easily detect where the existing data base is already adequate and in which field further data must still be collected. Even at this stage, we often encounter irregularities whose elimination by simple measures bear significant saving potentials.

Providing transparency

The results of the actual state analysis along with an ideal measuring concept provides the transparency that is necessary in order to realize greater savings in energy and resources. With our innovative concepts, we ensure that all the existing data sources will be automatically connected via interfaces and investments in new measuring technology will be minimized.

Plausibility check

In the course of the data plausibility check, we examine to what extent the measured consumption data fit the use and production processes. As a result, weaknesses and errors are being detected and corrected by appropriate measures.
By using our methods for determining efficiency potentials, the basics of investment decisions and process adjustments will be at hand.

Planning and Realization of measures

On account of the data gained regarding the consumption of resources, measures can be defined to increase efficiency. Thus, the transparency obtained facilitates reliable statements regarding the profitability of the measures taken.

Saving measures can roughly be divided into two groups - process changes and investment measures. Process changes aim at minimizing the necessary expenditure of resources by adjusting the causal process sequences of consumption.

Investment measures are measures that alter the outer parameters of the process. Replacing old equipment with new, more efficient one could be an example of such a process.
Widely spread in practice are long-term saving targets such as the reduction of CO2 over a period of 10 years. To meet these defined requirements often a myriad of different measures is needed. To ensure that the requirements are met at the end of the term, a continuous review of the individual measures and overall progress is indispensable.

Permanent monitoring

To further guarantee that all processes are energetically optimally set, controls are working properly and consumption is within the normal ranges, it is essential to monitor all data permanently.
Since the monitoring of large amounts of data is not possible due to expenditure of time and personnel, we support you with automated methods. Our technology offers all feasible options from simple limits to complex profiles and logic-controlled monitoring.