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speedikon® C

speedikon® C is a completely web-based software and data platform for documentation, monitoring and controlling of buildings, plants, machinery and other objects. The solution is based on state-of-the-art technologies and supports all modern devices – including mobile end devices  - at the same time building on our more than 15 years of software development experience.

The new product line speedikon® C is meant to complement our existing Service Portal as well as the Energy Management module of WiriTec GmbH and can be synchronized easily with  speedikon® FM.
A special feature of the new software solution consists in the completely free configuration of object structures and characteristics which, therefore, can be optimally adapted to the processes. Each object as well as each feature receives a timeline. By means of a „time machine“ and of a time slider situations can be displayed and analyzed at any point in time in the past or in the future. This way, absolute audit proof data platforms can be installed.

Even for high-performance web graphics the time reference applies as well. Just move the time slider and the graphics will display the current situation at this specific time. Since the graphics is fully integrated in the data base, there is no discrepancy between alphanumeric and graphical data.  The graphics remains linked to the source data system. Changes to the source data will be adopted and integrated automatically. 



speedikon c
Due to the continuous use of Unicode the application can be switched to any language with any character sets.

When designing the user interface great importance was attached to ergonomic design and easy, intuitive operation. No matter if PCs, laptops, tablet PCs or smart phones, speedikon® C can be run on all devices and can be operated easily via touch screen. Thus, there are no more limits for mobile applications.  
Have a closer look at speedikon® C and get an overview of this innovative step into the future by means of a web presentation. It offers an initial impression of the basic functionality and user interface. For further information please contact us.