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speedikon® DAMS

Fast enhancement of hardware and software, higher requests regarding performance and flexibility and increasing energy costs on the one hand as well as growing needs for security on the other have to be well-balanced still considering the aspects of sustainability.

Therefore, the economical and ecological operation of data centers becomes more and more challenging for Data Center Managers all over the globe. Transparency and cost efficiency can only be achieved by using an appropriate IT solution which responds to state-of-the-art user requirements.

Data centers tend to be service organisations. Therefore, they must face the market and keep track with cost control. With regard to Green IT concepts, both operators as well as customers keep an eye on environmental impact, energy efficiency and top efficient use of resources, which in return affects cost calculation and planning. In future, nobody will be satisfied with just flat rates. Breakdown of costs with regard to computing power (hardware), energy consumption and environmental sustainability are requirements which are getting more and more critical.

speedikon® DAMS is a powerful tool developed by speedikon Facility Management AG. It has been successfully in use by many key accounts within leading multinational IT corporations in Germany as well as in 6 other European countries.



speedikon dams

speedikon® DAMS supports all major processes of data center planning and management in order to fully meet today’s as well as future challenges of data center administration. In the central and easily accessable database, all relevant information about IT assets is kept in an easily accessable databasse which allows both graphical and alphanumerical reporting.

This includes commercial and cost relevant data as well as detailed technical information. Thus, the solution also actively supports the realization of Green Data Center strategies.