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Energy Management

Virtual Data Points

Your benefit:

Mapping of complex mathematical relationships

Automatic standardization or adjustment of consumption
Methods for simple formation of parameters
Calculation of logical and physical relation regarding consumption values

Mere energy and resource consumption often do not convey a lot about the performance and efficiency of equipment, machinery or buildings. However, for valid statements it is essential to relate the many data sets to each other in order to derive parameters, efficiency factors, or mathematical and logical dependencies.

As well, often consumption cannot only be measured, or in the areas to be measured, no measurement technique is available. In this case, the consumption has to be assessed by difference, residual value or summation.
It goes without saying that these sometimes very complex and extensive calculations, particularly considering hundreds or thousands of data sets, cannot simply be carried out manually.

WiriTec CA supports you in this core task of energy management with virtual data points and the formula generator.
The virtual data points result from the calculation of real (measured) data points and any variables, factors or constants, and are treated within the system just like any other data sets. This means that they can be displayed in the charts, used for reports or even build the basis for further calculations. To avoid  the extension of the data volume in the database, you can determine whether the data of a virtual data point is stored or computed on-the-fly in the very moment it is displayed.
The functions used for the calculations are as powerful as a programming language, but have special functions allowing them to be used by experienced users without any programming knowledge.

Our customers certified us that our analysis starts where our competitors stop!

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