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Energy Management

Web Services

Your benefit:

Easy integration of all IT systems

Support of downstream processes with energy data

Automatic data transfer from external systems

Obligatory, the energy consumption in businesses or organizations must be verified regarding its plausibility. It is understood that without knowledge of the output of a conveyor line no statement can be made as to the efficiency of the equipment or production itself. By means of the output quantities parameters such as CO2 per unit or energy costs per tonnage can be assessed. In addition, data on energy consumption in other downstream systems are required to support the processes depicted there as well.

Since these different data normally are not kept in one central system but in various partially autonomous systems and are maintained by different people, interfaces within the energy management software are mandatory.  

To ensure this important exchange of data  WiriTec avails itself of modern tools: the so-called Web services.

By means of the state-of-the-art web services the data exchange with all current software systems can be realized with little effort. Exactly the data sets required at the specific point in time will be exchanged between the different systems so that in all processes the relevant data is available any time. Only this way an energy management system can be integrated into the existing IT landscape and deliver a surplus for your daily work.

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