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Energy Management

WiriTec FC

Your benefit:

Precise statements about your future energy use
Buy only as much energy as you need
Control your energy consumption

Put an end to vague consumption prognosis!
Rising energy prices require the optimization of energy procurement, since considerable costs can be saved and the security of energy supplies be increased through a good concept of purchase. This, however, requires knowledge which energy levels are needed at what time.

Energy prognoses always are the basis of procurement decisions. Different concepts are used for the issuing of energy forecasts.  Mostly, these prognoses are based on the experience of individual employees or else on „consumption data“ from  the past, extrapolated into future. The values gained are subject to great uncertainty since they completely ignore the source of the energy consumption.

WiriTec FC has been developed to enable you to put your prognosis on a sound basis.  

With our accurate methods of prognosis you can assess your energy demand on the basis of the expected business and operating schedule taking into account further relevant factors influencing consumption.  

Mit Hilfe von Schnittstellen zu den verschiedensten Fremdsystemen, wie zum Beispiel einem Produktionssteuerungssystem, werden alle notwendigen Einflussparameter in den Prognosealgorithmus übernommen. Mit Hilfe von Regressionsanalysen lassen sich diese Parameter mit den gemessenen Energieverbräuchen in Beziehung setzen, das bedeutet, das System lernt die Zusammenhänge. Auf Grundlage dieser mathematischen Zusammenhänge und den erwarteten Einflussfaktoren errechnet das Modul WiriTec FC automatisch den zukünftigen Energiebedarf.

With the help of interfaces to various external systems, such as to the production control system, all necessary control parameters are included in the prediction algorithm. Using regression analysis, these parameters can be related to the measured energy consumption, which means that the system realizes the coherence. Based on these mathematical relationships and the expected influence factors WiriTec FC automatically calculates the future energy needs.

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