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If investment decisions are made within companies and organizations, usually this is done to previously calculate and evaluate the efficiency and corresponding payback period.

However, this is currently not always applied to when it comes to energy saving measures. Practice reveals that such investments are not necessarily economic nor do they have an acceptable payback time.

WiriTec MP puts an end to puzzling about efficiency and payback time of measures!

The module provides evaluations based on the current and historic energy data, which clearly demonstrate if and as of what point in time saving measures are efficient.

For these evaluations the system automatically extracts the necessary consumption and process data as well as sensor values from the data base. Subsequently, these are compared with the defined target parameters and costs of operation and, finally, assessed. With a few mouse clicks you can predict the effects of an intended saving measure.

maßnahmen Naturally, measures already implemented can be evaluated in retrospect. To this aim, historic data is confronted with current data and compared with the targets of the measure. This way, you can check whether the determined saving targets of the operation have been fulfilled or whether you have to amend.   

WiriTec puts you in a position to validate and make investment decisions on the basis of solid data by a few mouse clicks. Additionally, the tool enables you to monitor the accomplishment of your targets.